Pre-Filled Syringes:


Silver Spur Corp is recognized as a top distributor of wholesale glass containers, like glass bottles, glass jars, and highly specialized and FDA approved and sanitized pre-filled syringes.  Our service and packaging selection has delivered for over 30 years.

Available Formats for PFS and Glass Cartridges.

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SSG858 – 750 ml Burgundy Wine Bottles – Dead Leaf

Every wine is unique in it’s flavor and aging process and we know how important the bottling process can be. Here is a product of incredible quality now at a reduced price and in stock now!

Item Code: SSG858

Item Size: 750 ml

Neck Finish: Cork

Cobalt Blue WideMouth Packers

cobalt blue glass round wide mouth packer 500cc

Need a specific color? Silver Spur Corp is able to supply bottles of all color including cobalt blue, amber, flint, and green. Find these cobalt blue widemouth packers in glass and plastic (both PET and HDPE).

Amber Wide Mouth Bottles

Our Amber glass packers offers protection from light. It is recommended to pack all vitamin tablets or dietary health food supplement products that are sensitive to light with Amber glass packers.

We have a huge in-stock inventory of these glass packers in our warehouse ready to ship to you.