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Silver Spur delivers the highest quality products due to the strong partnerships with our top manufacturing partners. We are excited to have a strong relationship with you, as well, based on our ability to fulfill your demanding packaging needs, whether it be bottles, jars, or other


Honest, reliable service has been the hallmark of Silver Spur’s promise to deliver exceptional packaging since 1978. You are in good hands with a dependable team, ready to respond to your needs and answer questions about your packaging requirements. Count on us to respond quickly and


Let us be your one stop shop! We have the answers to all your packaging needs so you can be logistically and financially efficient. Because we source from all over the world, we can provide the best quality for the

Silver Spur has multiple products in variety of Industries.

Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Cosmetics, Liquor Industries and many more . .

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"Silver Spur’s account support, customer service, and warehouse staff has be integral in assisting us with several of our nutraceutical customers. They have been an outstanding supplier in working with us on a time-needed basis, which we truly appreciate. They have gone out of their way to let our customer’s shippers come in for last minute pick-ups many times. Any other supplier, would not have let us have same day pick-up. They understood the time factor with our manufacturer and have been a great partner in supplying them. I can’t say enough about their excellent support staff."

Ann E. Pieniazek Empire EMCO

Featured Products

Featured Products

Pre-Filled Syringes: Silver Spur Corp is recognized as a top distributor of wholesale glass containers, like glass bottles, glass jars, and highly specialized and FDA approved and sanitized pre-filled syringes.  Our service and packaging selection has delivered for over 30 years. Available Formats...

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